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DigiWaiter POS Desktop Client

The DigiWaiter POS Suite - Desktop Client Module. A POS / Inventory solution. Take
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10 March 2008

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Managing and executing a restaurant business might sound immensely lucrative nowadays; but requires huge amount of effort and investment and the right business model to appeal the target audience. Since the food business is one of the most secure and profitable businesses around the world, it is also the most competitive with varied types of eating joints being made available in every nook and corner of the city. The management size depends upon the scale of operations and if at all a set up is under-staffed, it poses a huge problem for the business owner to even break-even the investments made. Since computer technology is benefiting each and every sector nowadays with its automation features and precision and to make your food business/restaurant more beneficial, DigiWaiter POS Desktop Client 2.11 has been launched with its automated working to mange business better.

DigiWaiter POS Desktop Client opens with a neatly organized interface with the main options placed at the top pane and the main screen showing the menu details and orders placed by customers in the premise. The right pane displays table number that automates the entire procedure of order taking and completing it. This unique solution connects the kitchen and the customer orders with a main user and helps in coordination to accomplish tasks effectively. The order can be taken on the computer system and the user can connect with all required elements of the restaurant business. The main benefit arising out of the use of this application is speeding up the order and managing business better, and by and large reducing the error rate and structure the business.

Overall, DigiWaiter POS Desktop Client 2.11 definitely earns rich kudos for its established functionalities and innovative premise and hence gets a rating score of four points for its intuitive working.

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The DigiWaiter POS Suite - Desktop Client Module. A POS / Inventory solution. Introduces POS to the people, there's no need for expensive hardware 2 pc's will do. Take the order on your computer and send it to the kitchen. Chat with the kitchen or bar if you want to know if the dessert for table 4 is ready. Pick the orders / drinks you receive from the other clients and print a professional invoice before you can say Jack Robinson .(A Desktop client needs one DigiWaiter POS Server) Take the order, send the order, serve the order and cash the order!
DigiWaiter POS Desktop Client
DigiWaiter POS Desktop Client
Version 2.11
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